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rE:VOLUTION: Ren Valentine by brimochi rE:VOLUTION: Ren Valentine by brimochi

Trying out for :iconre--volution: ;A ;

Name: Ren Valentine

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3

Weight: 150 lbs 

Birthdate & Star Sign: 2/15: Aquarius 

District: Kyuujuuminku

Education/Job: College student in Ooi; 2nd year

Team: tba

Tag Tattoo Location: tba

AllMate: Hikari; Female (Red Fox )


|Troublemarker| |Laid back| |Blunt| |Protective| |Cheerful| |Friendly|Ignorant

Ren is the type to cause trouble in any situation, its more of a way to entertain himself when he gets bored. Given that chance when someone is messing with him or someone who's he is protective of  he's always ready to brawl even though Hikari is the one always keeping him away from it. Aside from trouble he's always been the laid back guy who loves meeting people and isn't shy to speak his mind even if it comes out bluntly.  He's the type of guy who always wants to see people smiling even if he doesn't know them, he will go far as to make a fool out of himself. At times of being pressured he tends to make ignorant decisions which usually gets either in trouble or yelled at by people.  


Ren was born into a rich family with one a younger brother, having to live in a high class family it didn't stop Ren from always being the rebel he always was. When he was younger he was always the one his parents had to deal with when it came towards attention, meaning school and massive phone calls of fights he will get into.  Ren was the troublemaker of the family but his reasons behind it was to protect his brother who was considered the weak one due to an illness with his heart.  Through is childhood and high school he was the one who was looked down towards his parents and classmates for giving his name a bad reputation due to his bullying. Fighting was the main thing he knew when it came to protecting his family mainly his brother. By the age of 17 his brother died from his illness causing his mind to go dark.  Having his brothers death scar his mind he grew up to be an aggressive and hateful person towards others including myself, blaming he was the reason why his brother didn't live long enough. Having to keep his family name alive as the only child his parents pushed a lot of opportunities towards him, which included the best colleges to become a doctor. Having his parents push his limits he agreed to go to a college but he asked to live on his own but with their financial support. Along living there and attending school, he found about Rhyme from classmates and small rumors in the school, with the commotion catching his interest aside from being a student he agreed to try it out also bringing along his girlfriend Ash.  

WC: 285 words


Ash: Ren's hothead girlfriend since high school who is currently living with him along with her Allmate.

Hikari: A black and white fox which Ren bought for him and his girlfriend after coming home from school. Hikari highly protective of him towards anyone who approaches him. She has a slight jealously when it comes to Ashe being around him but grew to accept her over time. Hikari is a stubborn girl and a bit of a hot head when things don't go her way. Her bond with Ren is strong, almost synced mind wise tho she tends not to leave his side. 


+ Cooking
+ Finding any source of entertainment 
+ Athletics 

- Loud people
- studying
- beng picked on

Additional Information:

°He has a thing for keeping his apartment spotless and clean.
°He has 2 scars on his face aswell and 2 on his left shoulder. 
°He love gifting Hikari different bandanas aswell as spoiling her.
°The dog tags around his neck were from his father but has his brothes name on them. 
°He has a thing for beanies aswell as clipping them with pins.
°He wears bandages and gloves because he likes the brawler look on him. 

RP sample: 

(Will write one soon *^ *  )

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hngnh and Hikari is adorable <33 :''D love his design~ :iconureshiiplz:
brimochi Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
LOOL //pet pet. Im glad you like him and hikari, thank you~! <3 :iconsupertighthugplz:
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I-SuperDoctor-09 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
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I-SuperDoctor-09 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014
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